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Moving house

You have bought a new home and it is time to move.

Property journalist Cheryl Markosky, who writes for the Sunday Times, Country Life, Daily and Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Mail tells you how to make it a good one.

Nearly 18 months ago, I moved house. It was only 10-minutes down the road, but the experience still haunts me. If there were an A-level in moving from one place to another, my teacher would have noted with a frown: Could try harder.

Overall, our move wasn’t too bad, but there are so many useful hints I picked up when it was all over (isn’t hindsight a fine thing?) I wish I had thought it through a bit more before the big day.

Moving can be fun, however. Here are some ideas to make your move a joyous occasion. So, move along now, dear.

  • Talk to the house builder selling you your new home. Some offer removal services as a package deal and most recommend good moving firms and also hand out a moving checklist.
  • Some good moving house websites including and have cropped up, offering change of address form letters to banks and utility companies, names of removal firms and other invaluable advice. even sends you a free moving gift box and a moving planner.
  • Turn yourself into one of those scary de-clutter experts. The more you throw out or give away, the more money you save. Removal firms estimate the cost of moving by how many items they have to shift.
  • Talk to a local charity, which might be grateful for some of your de-cluttered clutter. Our neighbour runs an annual coffee morning for Macmillan nurses and was more than happy to take various things off our hands, including a set of old golf clubs (yes, I managed to wrestled them away from my husband) and a desk.
  • If you decide to store some items, first ask yourself if you really do want them. We have just thrown out a skip load (costing nearly £200) of ‘junk’ we couldn’t part with.
  • Ask the house builder the best way to move into your new home. Many will help by padding a lift especially for the move and select the simplest route into the building and up stairs if there isn’t a lift.
  • And finally, treat yourself to a takeaway or try a local restaurant on the first night in your new home. How better to get to know a new neighbourhood?