Property Management

Madison Brook ensures your investment!

As a Landlord, living in UK or abroad, your main concern is maximising security & return in your investment property.

To find the right tenant is not an easy task: ensuring the rent can be paid, and that if there’s any doubt, a guarantor needs to be found.

We can offer rent guarantee insurances (subject to the applicants’ status and referencing) to cover the risk.

You need to be sure that the rent will be in your account when its supposed to be and that the property will be inspected to prevent any nasty surprises at the end of tenancy.

You need to know that maintenance is done in a timely fashion but also that you’re keeping control of the expenses.

Madison Brook will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your investment property without the usual hassles.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Tenancy referencing & rent guarantee.
  • Inventory check in/out.
  • Rent and Legal expenses cover.
  • Expiries administration.
  • Project management for the furnishing of properties.
  • Rent demands and receipts.
  • Maintenance issues.
  • Property visits.
  • Landlord accounting including provisions for income tax.
  • Service charges and all other bill disbursements.
  • Landlord and tenant liaison.
  • Security deposits and determination of dilapidation.

For further details on the above please feel free to contact our office on 020 7474 5505 or email us at


Together we will ensure high levels of maintenance

Madison Brook has a large range of contractors ensuring its properties are maintained to a high level.

Where possible we will ask 2 or 3 different companies for a quote prior to any action or expense on behalf of you, the landlord.

We will always contact you to authorise the expenditure. At Madison Brook we never agree the costs of works without your direct authorisation. In case of emergency, like gas or water leak, no water or no heating, we will not wait for any Landlord authorization.

Landlords can reserve the right to use their own contractors providing that proof of public liability insurance can be supplied together with any other relevant documentation.

Overseas Landlords

Madison Brook understands today’s market of non UK citizens buying investment properties in the UK or even British Citizens living abroad.

As such we have extensive knowledge on Non-Resident Landlord Tax (Overseas Agents – Finance Act 1955) (This only applies to landlords who reside abroad for longer than 6 months)

  • Under section 42A Income & Corporation Taxes Act 1988 supported by the Taxation of Income from Land (Non-resident) Regulations 1995 (Finance Act 1995) if the Landlord is not paying tax as a non-resident, therefore residing abroad, he is liable to pay income tax in the United Kingdom from any rental income received.
  • Overseas Landlords need to provide a CNR number, issued by the Inland Revenue to confirm that they are responsible for their own tax payments. If multi landlords, each one must obtain a separate number.
  • Without the exemption granted by the Inland Revenue, we are legally bound to deduct tax from all rental income if we believe that the Landlord’s permanent residence is outside the UK. Until a declaration is signed and completed confirming principal residency in the UK, we would retain a portion of rent for payment to the Inland Revenue. Please download and sign the declaration below confirming permanent residency in the UK, this must be completed by the Landlord and if multi ownership, by each Landlord prior to any formal instruction of Madison Brook to proceed with the Management of your property.
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