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The Living Markets team at Madison Brook boasts an impressive collective experience of over 80 years, spanning various property sectors. This wealth of knowledge positions us as seasoned advisors capable of guiding and supporting clients in the strategic development of programmatic and scaled housing supply across London and the Home Counties.

Our diverse range of partners reflects our commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. From Councils and LATCOs to Registered Providers, Charities, Pension Funds, and Institutional Clients, we engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders. This network enables us to navigate the complexities of the real estate landscape effectively.

What sets us apart is the synergy of private expertise and a genuine passion for societal impact. We are not merely property experts; we are dedicated to making a positive contribution to communities. This unique blend makes us the ideal property partner for both institutional and public sector entities. Whether it’s navigating intricate regulations or aligning with community-focused goals, we bring a comprehensive approach to property that goes beyond mere transactions, aiming for lasting positive influence and meaningful societal change.

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Acquisition Case Study

Acquisition programme


Over a span of over five years Madison Brook have acquired more than 1000 properties across East London for a housing charity created within Newham Council.

Contracted as lead acquisition partner, we have undertaken significant research studies across the entirely of East London at regular intervals. Studies to ensure pricing briefs are accurate and updated, that property types and tenures have been explored to allow the charity to offer a blend of supply to councils in need of solutions.

With acquisitons spanning a large area we manage relationships with agents and property professionals including solicitors and surveyors, in order to successfully manage the pipeline through to completion.

Advisory Case Study



Contracted by Harlow to undertake a detailed feasibility study into the assembly, delivery and ongoing asset management of an affordable housing portfolio acquired in borough. 

The council had a sample portfolio and wanted to better understand market conditions, property types, potential products and anticipated performance of such a portfolio. As a specialist in this field we undertook detailed local research, leveraging contacts across all property types from sourcing agents to developers and landowners. This analysis fed into an in-depth report used by Harlow housing teams to take forward internally and in conjunction with development departments to explore appetite to commence a buying programme to provide much needed housing stock. 

We have been invited to develop this consultancy work with Harlow over the longer term.



PSL Case Study

Acquisition, refurbishment and leasing programme


Approached by a central London Borough to help boost supply of settled housing for families at risk of homelessness. Temporary accomodation available to the council housing team such as hotels and bed & breakfast room were costly and impractical, the solutions were not sustainable. Residents were faced with instability, not knowing how long they would be waiting for stabilised housing, or even the potential displacement out of London.

Due to funding limitations at the time, the council were unable to acquire property directly. Therefore, Madison Brook as sector experts sought out funding via third party private investment, working in partnership with real estate fund manager Alti Global, we were able to secure significant funding from investors seeking a positive social and environmental impact. Patient capital allowing for long-term stabilised housing, which in turn allows families to establish themselves and flourish.

Following early market research and feasibility studies, we were able to work collaboratively with both the council and investment group, aligning public and private requirements and expectations to identify and acquire a portfolio of properties in high growth potential areas of Central London.

Working with local planning departments around adaptations to existing properties as the client sought to upgrade existing properties, reducing the carbon footprint further demonstrating strong ESG credentials. This approach allowed the investors to ensure properties were made available to the council at affordable rents.

Our Council partner have now secured a high-quality, long-term settled housing solution with which to tackle homelessness.


P&R Case Study

Acquisition, refurbishment and leasing programme


Contracted (and contract renewed) as property partner for Lampton Homes, LATCo of London Borough of Hounslow. Lampton Homes over a span of three years, have been tasked with assembling an extensive rental portfolio to support local housing needs. Directly tackling housing shortages, offering stable and high-quality accommodation for families either living in temporary accommodation or at risk of homelessness. 

We have worked collaboratively with Lampton Homes from the very inception of this project to undertake extensive market research, product analysis and to form an acquisition brief. Working collaboratively with third party surveyors, development consultants, solicitors and other property professionals. 

Properties acquired are refurbished to better homes standard by our construction team.  Our housing team then work collaboratively with Council counterparts to place nominated famillies into settled homes.  Tenancies and properties are managed carefully to promote tenant sustainment and efficiency. 

Directly funded by London Borough of Hounslow, we are close to the council’s business and local plan. Ensuring at all times that acquisitions and dealings with the public are for the betterment of the borough, driving social impacts both environmental and social. 


Working in Partnership


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