Last month fears were raised that the £25 million scheme might cross the ‘public safety zone’ of the nearby London City Airport, however those concerns were subsequently dismissed by the National Air Traffic Control Services (NATs). Expected to complete by July 2012, the cable cars would run 50m above the water and, according to Mayor Boris Johnson, would be ‘as good as a bus route with 30 buses on it’.

Johnson, said: “With permissions signed and sealed we are now a significant step closer to being able to cruise the east London skyline via an elegant cable car spanning the mighty Thames. ‘It will be a truly exhilarating way for Londoners and visitors to explore our great city whilst providing a much-needed river crossing to support the once-in-a-lifetime regeneration of this easterly quarter of the capital.’ A contractor is due to be appointed to the project this spring and discussions for funding remain ongoing.