As the Wharf’s Motorexpo opened, fans and workers didn’t know where to look as they enjoyed displays and star visits as part of the event which lasts until Sunday.

Nigel Mansell was the ideal candidate to have a go in the Expo’s Race Room, taking on a driving simulator with the same enthusiasm with which he once threw his Williams F1 car around race tracks.Crowds gathered around the driving expert, who claimed the F1 title in 1993.He may have been tempted to give the two motors parked outside Canary Wharf station a spin as well.A procession of Jaguar E-Types on their way to the MotorExpo in Canary WharfLightning McQueen and Finn McMissile, the stars of Pixar’s Cars II movie which is out this summer, turned heads for commuters on their way into the Wharf.

Another spectacular sight was the fifty Jaguar E-Types making their way from central London, passing Buckingham Palace and entering Canary Wharf to mark the car’s fiftieth birthday.The Docklands website will have updates on the Expo during the week.