Now that they’re millionaire pop stars, the boys from One Direction are spending their hard earned money wisely by investing in property!

They might still be teenagers, but Harry Styles and Liam Payne have both been spotted house hunting in London’s trendy Primrose Hill – an area that’s very popular with loads of other celebs including Sadie Frost, Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani.

We’ve seen the Tom Hanks movie Big. We thought teenage boys with money were supposed to waste their cash renting a huge apartment that they then transform into a playground with toys, trampolines and junk food? Seems that Harry and Liam are much more sensible.

“The boys are working so hard and getting so much attention they want to start seeing what they’ve earned and find somewhere they can call their own and relax in,” a source tells The Sun.

“They really like the idea of Primrose Hill. It’s a celebrity haven and they’re the biggest news in town right now.”

Both Harry and Liam have looked at houses on the same street in the NW1 area (aww, cute – they’ll be neighbours), with 18-year-old Liam looking at a two bedroom, 1,400sf ft home that is just minutes from Hampstead Heath and has been furnished to “the highest specification”. It’s worth £1.35million.

Shelling out over a million pounds for a home is probably small change for the One Direction boys now they are so minted. They’ve raked in £32million so far and it’s predicted that next year they’ll make double that amount!

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